Driver & Safety

Safe Vehicle

URway Express only acquires vehicles that meet industry standards. We make sure to equip each vehicle with the needed tools to ensure the safety of each passenger. The company ensures that every vehicle is safe, well-maintained and is kept at optimal performance to ensure the safety of everyone.

URway Express also makes sure to have our coaches inspected routinely in conjunction with the bus and coach industry to give safety not just to our drivers, but to the passengers as well. This way we make sure to meet and improve our customer satisfaction and further improve our vehicle’s safety performance.

Each of our vehicles is optimized with improved seat design that makes travelling comfortable. They are specially designed to meet industry standards and give every passenger the luxury of travelling. They are also equipped with advanced vehicle system which makes cruising efficient. All our coaches and buses are fully equipped with state of the art navigation devices which are efficient in keeping abreast with technology. We employ a good navigational system that can be beneficial in many aspects of travelling as well as roadside emergency response.

Safe Driver

URway Express only employs highly trained drivers. We make sure that our drivers have a safe driving record, are free of any violations, or have not been involved in any accidents. Our coach and bus drivers are required to have sufficient experience and training before they are able to drive our fleet.

We make sure that they are knowledgeable about their work, aware of the road traffic risks, ability to respond to any emergency situations, and are physically and mentally fit.

Our drivers are also made sure to have sufficient rest before they are called for active duty. They are given enough time to rest before they are called back to work. This guarantees your safety on the road for any problems that may arise with such situations. Our bus and coach operators are real professionals and we make sure our customers are confident about our driver’s fitness for work.

Our drivers are required to undergo an extensive background check before they become part of the URway Express Team. They are required to have:

Criminal Background Check

  • Pre-employment Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • At Least with a Minimum 5 Year Commercial Bus

Operation Experience

  • Previous Employment Reference Checks
  • Outsourced Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Safe Company

URway Express guarantees that your ride with us will be safe, convenient, and comfortable. We see to it that you get the best experience in every aspect of your contact with us. Our coaches and buses can speak for themselves. We make sure that they are operated at optimum operational levels giving you the peace of mind when traveling.

Our drivers are fully aware and know the individual requirements of our passengers and the implications of road safety. We guarantee to work not just in keeping the safety of our passengers the top priority but also the comfort and convenience.

Our company are duly licensed and recognized in the industry. We also make sure to monitor our driver’s compliance with the law. URway Express also have a thorough reassessment of their performance and log any complaints as such.

URway Express is very well aware of the guidelines and makes sure all vehicles are safe and well-maintained. We do routinely preventive maintenance and checks before every departure to make sure that our vehicles are safe on the road. We see to implement every existing guideline for the safety and comfort of everyone.